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FOM98-MUX, 2.5G & STM-16 Fiber Multiplexer with ADM Functions

FOM98-MUX, 2.5G or STM-16 Fiber Multiplexer with ADM Function

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FOM98-MUX is a new generation carrier-grade STM-16 integrated next-generation SDH functionality and TDM aggregation with advanced Layer 2 packet-switching features for the migration to multiservice networks. Itís rich service interfaces including STM-4/16, E1/DS1, E3/DS3 and Gigabit Ethernet allow service providers to support new broadband services, such as Ethernet Services (E-Line, E-LAN), and 3G/4G mobile services, as well as transport-oriented services such as TDM private lines, over a single aggregation multiservice platform.

It is mainly applied in the access layer of the MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and provides complete solutions for the evolution of the existing SDH equipment to intelligent optical network equipment with powerful cross-connect capacity as well as network protection.

FOM98-MUX can be easily integrated into any other service nodes, such as 2G/3G/4G mobile base stations, DSLAM, DLC or voice access remote node, to provide a total solution.

▪All Front Access.
▪Supports multiple hot-swappable modules:
SFP STM-4/16 for optical interfaces with 1+1 protection
4-channels E1 card (QE1B)
8-channels E1/DS1 card (8ET)
1-channel E3/DS3 interface card (ET3)
4-ports Gigabit Ethernet Switch card (QGbE)
AC or DC Power cards (ACM / DCM)
▪2 SFP cages for fiber modules with STM-4/16 mode supported.
▪4 SFP cages for fiber modules with STM-4 mode supported.
▪8 tributary slots to support combinations of TDM/Ethernet traffic in a 4U-height shelf.
▪ADM(Ring) / Point-to-Multi-Point (Star) and Point-to-Point topologies supported.
▪Powerful Cross Connection for VC-4: 116x116 / VC-3: 120x120 /VC-12:1008x1008.
▪SNCP supported in VC-4/VC-3/VC-12 levels.
▪Linear MSP 1+1 supported in Point-to-Point application.
▪Ethernet traffic is encapsulated and transported over SDH using Generig Framing Procedure (GFP) & Virtual Concatenation (VCAT).
▪E-Line / EVP-Line / E-LAN supported.
▪Stratum4/4E clock accuracy supported.
▪4 Timing Sources: Free Run, Fiber Lines, External Clocks w/wo SSM, E1 Line Card.
▪2 External Clock Inputs (E1 SSM, E1 SSM-fixed or 2048KHz B.I.T.S.).
▪2 External Clock Outputs (Selectable mode: 2048Kbps or 2048KHz).
▪2 Misc. Discrete Inputs (MDI) and 2 Misc. Discrete Outputs (MDO).
▪1 Engineering Order-Wire (EOW) RJ-11 supported using E1 byte.
▪1+1 Redundant AC/DC power modules provided with load-sharing.
▪Various Management Interfaces: RS-232 / Ethernet / (Telnet / Web /SNMP).
▪HTTP web-based GUI management.
▪SNMP v1/v2c.

Please read this Data Sheet for details.

FOM98-MUX, 2.5G or STM-16 Fiber Multiplexer with ADM Function

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