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G703-64A-STD, 64K Bi-Directional Converter

G703-64A-STD, 64K Bi-Directional ConverterG703/64A-STD is a 1U half 19" stand-alone or rack mountable interface converter that allows full conversion between G.703 64Kbps co-directional services and a number of data port interfaces including ITU V.35, X.21, EIA RS-530, RS-449 and RS-232 hardware. The interface converters are very easy to implement. Simply select the mode, appropriate interface settings and adapter cable, configure the required timing for translation via internal DIP switches, and connect to appropriate power. This model features full compliance with all the relevant ITU & EIA standards under 64Kbps network environments with high reliability. G.703 64K Family of products may be used in Packet Switching Networks, ISDN and DDN. They are also useful for data terminals which access PCM, 64K/2048Kbps digital channels as well as digital microwave channels. Additionally, it may be connected to satellite communication channels.

Please read this Data Sheet for details.