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SHDTU03b-E1-AD, SHDTU03b-V35-AD & SHDTU03b-X21-AD

SHDTU03b-E1-AD, SHDTU03b-V35-AD & SHDTU03b-X21-AD

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CTC SHDTU03b SHDSL NTU series is a telecommunication product designed as a Network Terminating Unit for carriers and SME users, which offers three model choices with G.703 E1 or ITU-T V.35 and X.21 data interface. The SHDSL E1 NTU supports two different connectors for G.703 E1 applications that link to TDM services, either by balanced 120 ohm RJ45 jack (USOC RJ48C) or unbalanced 75 ohm dual BNCs, with bit rates from 64kbps to 2.048Mbps. The SHDSL V.35, X.21 NTU supports a serial interface via DB25F connector along with DB25M to MB34F(V.35), DB25M to DB15F(X.21) cable adapters. The SHDSL NTU can be configured and managed by a local LCD menu and pushbuttons or by a menu driven VT100 compatible Asynchronous Terminal Interface either locally or remotely via EOC (Embedded Operations Channel). The G.SHDSL.bis NTU provides the capability to extend transmissions over a copper loop such as ordinary, single pair, telephone twisted cable.

• Standard G.SHDSL (ITU G.991.2) supports improved reach/speed and greater interoperability
• Fast and cost-effective provisioning of traditional frame relay (FR or T-HDLC) or TDM leased line services
• Use existing copper loop infrastructures
• Operate in back to back connection
• Efficient single wire pair usage
• Up to 5.696Mbps symmetric service bit rate
• Auto rate installation maximizes data rate based on loop conditions
• Wetting current sink to protect SHDSL line (Optional)
• Local management interface with LCD display
• Remote line loopback
• SHDSL Line performance monitoring (Data Rate and SNR) • Raw and per time interval statistics
• Bandwidth guaranteed transmission equipment
• Remote firmware upgrade

SHDTU03b-E1-AD, SHDTU03b-V35-AD & SHDTU03b-X21-AD
SHDTU03b-E1-AD, SHDTU03b-V35-AD & SHDTU03b-X21-AD

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