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FRM220-FXO-FXS-SC002, POTS Phone Line over Fiber Converter

FRM220-FXO-FXS-SC002, POTS Phone Line over Fiber Converter for MM, SC and 2Km

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FRM220-FXO-FXS phone line over fiber converter or extender is used to connect PSTN voice signals to distant Plain Old Telephone (POTS) devices. FRM220-FXO-FXS provides a fiber media transport for POTS transmission and features an RJ-11C for copper connection. A pair of FRM220-FXO-FXS is required to implement an end to end system. FXO mode connects to a telephone line or PBX and has ability to detect ringing voltages and to act as a telephone. FXS mode is the reciprocal unit and has ability to act as PSTN and connects to a telephone device. When the FRM220-FXO-FXS card is placed in the FRM220 rack with SNMP management, in-band management allows viewing the card and remote converter status, type, version, fiber link status, on hook status and alarms. Both card and remote can be configured to enable or disable the port, reset the port and set the FXO or FXS mode.

Please read this Data Sheet for details.

•Extend telephone voice transmission up to 120km over fiber
•Network management via terminal, web or SNMP in FRM220 chassis
•Supports telephone voice transmission
•Supports caller ID Pass-Through
•Supports FXS to FXS hot line

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