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ERM-MUX-PLUS, E1 MuxERM-Mux / plus is a 4U 19(23) Inch 14 slot rack type E1 Time Division Multiplexer for Fractional E1 network access which is designed for non-stop operation.There are 10 slots available for hot-swappable ERM-Mux / plus-I/O cards. Two slots are provided for Mux-E1 cards, which may be configured as four separate E1links or for redundant 1+1 operation of the E1 lines, safe guarding against expensive network down time. Two slots are also available for CPU cards, with the second CPU card acting as a hot standby in case of primary card failure. Each Mux-E1 card may be linked to another ERM-Mux / plus Rack to provide a point-to-point variety of datacom, Ethernet & voice over E1 network services. The ERM-Mux/plus optionally accommodates up to two separate powerpplies, which may derive power from AC (110/220) or DC (-48V) power sources. When two power supplies are installed, the modules provide complete power redundancy and are hot swappable even during the E1 cards' transmission. The ERM-Mux/plus provides all interface connections on the front panel. BNC and RJ-45 are used for E1 Line interface connections, RJ-45 connections are used for all voice (FXO, FXS, E&M), for 10/100 Ethernet Bridge and G.703-64K co-directional / contra-directional / center. Optional cable adapters are used to convert the DB-62F DCE ports of the I/O cards to 6xRS-232, HP68F DCE port of I/O card to 4x V.35, RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, RS-422 and X.21 or 5x X.50 channels.

Please read this Data Sheet for details.