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POE Extender, Injector and Splitter
INJ-SPL01, Industrial Gigabit PoE Splitter
IEXT-POE102, Industrial IP67 Waterproof POE++ LAN Extender
EXT-POE-G02, Gigabit 2-Port PoE Extender
INJ-G01-90W, Gigabit POE Injector
INJ-G01-AC-60W, Gigabit 60W PoE Injector
INJ-G01-30W, Gigabit POE Injector
SPL-G01-60W, Gigabit High Power POE Splitter
SPL-G01-5V12V, Gigabit PD PoE Splitter
ZX-AF-PD12D, 12W 802.3af PoE DC48V-DC12V Splitter
ZX-AT-PD12D, 25W PoE Splitter

Industrial Sync Ethernet Switch
IGS-804SM-SE-E, 8x10/100/1000Base-T+ 4x100/1000Base-X SFP GbE Switch with SyncE
IGS-1608SM-SE-E, 16x10/100/1000Base-T+ 8 x 100/1000Base-X SFP GbE Switch with Sync Ethernet
IGS-804SM-SE-8PHE, 8x10/100/1000Base-T + 4x100/1000Base-X SFP with SyncE and 8x PoE
IGS-1608SM-SE-8PHE, 16x GbE RJ45 + 8x 100/1000Base SFP with SyncE and 8x PoE 240W, 48VDC

Industrial 4G LTE Router
ICR-W401, Industrial 4G LTE Router for WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2T2R, RS232 Com port and DI/DO
ICR-4103-A, Industrial 4G LTE Router for 2xSIM, 4x FE + 2xDI/1xDO, 1x RS485, 2xRS232

Multi-Service Platform
FRM220 Series Chassis
FRM220-CH20, Multi-Service Platform with 20 Slots
FRM220-CH08, Multi-Serve Platform with 8 Slots
FRM220-NMC, management card
FRM220-CH02-NMC-AD, 2 Slot Chassis with NMC Management Card
FRM220-CH01, one-slot chassis for FRM220 series line cards
FRM220-CH02M, 2-Slot Chassis with Console
FRM220A-CH20, 20-Slot Chassis
FRM220A-GSW/SNMP-10G & FRM220A-GSW/SNMP(n) 10G/1G uplink Ethernet Aggregation Switch Card
Ethernet Converter
FRM220-10/100i-SC20A, Managed Media Converter
FRM220-10/100iS-2, Dual FE Channel Managed Converter
FRM220A-2000EAS-1, 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X SFP OAM/IP GbE Managed Converter
FRM220-2000MS, 100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X SFP Managed GbE Converter Card
DS3/E3 & E1/T1, Data Fiber Modem
FRM220-DS3-E3, DS3/E3 Converter, not including SFP 155M module
FRM220-T1-E1-SFP, Fiber SFP to T1/ E1 RJ45 Converter
FRM220-E1B-SC20A-CH01 or FRM220-E1B-SC20B-CH01, Fiber to E1/BNC Converter
FRM220-FTEC-CH01M-AC, T1/E1 Cross Rate Converter
FIB1-E1B-SC20B, Fiber to E1/BNC Converter
FIB2-E1B-SC20A-DC, Fiber to E1/BNC Converter with DC48 Power
Fiber to Serial Converter
FRM220-Serial-SFP, Fiber to Serial RS485/RS232 Converter
FRM220-Serial-SC002, Fiber to RS485/RS232 Converter
FIB-422/ST, Fiber to RS422/RS485 Compact Converter
STE400A-232 or STE800A-232, 4/8 RS232 to IP Device Server
Ethernet Switch
FRM220A-1000EAS/X-CH01, Dual Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Switch
FRM220A-FSW103, 3 10/100M FE to one FX converter
FRM220A-1002ES, Dual Port Gigabit Converter Card
FRM220A-2000EAS/2, 2x 10/100/1000Base-T + 2x 100/1000Base-X SFP OAM/IP GbE Managed Switch Card
FRM220A-2000EAS/4F, 4x100/1000Base-X SFP OAM/IP GbE Managed Switch Card
Inverse Mux
FRM220A-iMux4TR-CH01M-AC, 4 E1 Inverse Multiplexer
FRM220A-iMux8T-R-CH01M-AC, 8E1 Inverse Multiplexer with AC power
FRM220A-iMux16CH01M-AC, 16E1 Inverse Multiplexer with AC Power
Fiber Mux
FRM220-FOM04-SR, Fiber to 4 T1/E1 RJ45 + 100M Ethernet Modem Card
CWDM & Protection
FRM220-MD40-5561, 4CH CWDM Mux and DeMux (1550,1570,1590,1610nm)
Ethernet Bridge
ET100A Ethernet Bridge
FRM220A-Eoe1-CH01M-AC, Ethernet Bridge over E1
STE100A-RS232 Serial Device Server
STE100A-Serial, RS232/485/422 Over IP Device Server

Fiber to POTS (FXO/FXS/E&M) Converter
FMUX08-AD-E&M, 8 Channel 2/4-Wire Voice Fiber Multiplexer
FRM220-FXO-FXS-SC002, POTS Phone Line over Fiber Converter for MM, SC and 2Km
MC-FXO-2 and MC-FXS-2, 2 Channel POTS Phone Lines Over Fiber Converter
MC-FXO-4 and MC-FXS-4, 4 Channel POTS over Fiber Converter
FRM220-FXO-4 & FRM220-FXS-4, 4 Channel POTS over Fiber Converter
MC-FXO-8-SC20A and MC-FXS-8-SC20B, 8 Channel POTS over Fiber Converter
MC-FXO-16 and MC-FXS-16, 16 Channel POTS Over Fiber Converter + one Fast Ethernet Port
MC-FXO-32-SC20A and MC-FXS-32-SC20B, 32 Channel POTS over Fiber Converter

Sync-E Switch, Metro & Fiber Switch, EDD
Sync-E & Metro Switch
MSW-4424CS, L2 10G Carrier Ethernet Switch with Sync. Ethernet
MSW-4424C, L2 Gigabit Acess Switch with 24 Gigabit and 10G SFP+ Ports
MSW-4424A, L2 10G Carrier Ethernet Switch with 24 100/1000Base-X SFP & 4 10G SFP+ Slots
GSW-3424M1, Managed L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
GSW-3208M2, L2 Managed Switch with 8 Gigabit and 2 SFP Slots
Fiber Switch & CPE Switch
GSW-3424FM, 24x GbE, SFP + 4x GbE RJ45 + 4x 1G/10G, SFP+ L2+ Managed Fiber Switch
GSW-2008MS, Managed CPE Switch with 8 Gigabit Ethernet Ports + 2 SFP Slots
GSW-2020C7, L2+ Managed CPE Switch with Cable Tray
MSW-202-AC, Ethernet Demarcation Device - EDD
MSW-404-AC, Carrier grade Ethernet Switch (NID) with 4 SFP + 4 GE ports

Industrial PoE Switch & Converter
Industrial PoE Switch
IGS-803SM-8PH24, Industrial Managed Gigabit PoE Switch
IFS-803GSM-8PH24, Industrial Managed 8-Port PoE Switch
IGS-1608SM-8PH, Managed 16-Port GbE + 8 SFP PoE Switch
IFS-402GSM-4PH24, Managed FE PoE Switch
IGS-401F-4PH24-SC001, Unmanaged 5-Port PoE Gigabit Switch, MM, 550M
IGS-402S-4PH24, Industrial Unmanaged 6-Port Gigabit PoE Switch
IGS-600-4PH24, Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit Switch
IGS-402F-4PH24-SC001, Unmanaged PoE Gigabit Switch
IFS-402CGS-4PH, 4x 10/100Base-TX RJ45 + 2x 100/1000Base-X SFP with 4x PoE 120W, Compact size
IFS-802GS-8PH, Unmanaged PoE Switch with 8 10/100Base-T + 2 Gigabit SFP Slots
IPSW-G04-1GE1SFP, Industrial Unmanaged 6-port Gigabit PoE Switch
IPSW-G08-2GE2SFP, Industrial Unmanaged 8-Port Gigabit PoE Switch
Industrial PoE Converter
IMC-1000MS-PHE12, Managed Gigabit PoE Ethernet Converter
IMC-1000S-PHE12, Non-managed Gigabit PoE Converter
IMC-GP90W-SFP, Industrial Gigabit POE 90W Converter
IMC-GP30W-SFP, Industrial Gigabit POE 30W Converter

Industrial Ethernet Switch & Converter
Industrial Ethernet Switch
IFS-1604GSM, Managed 16 FE + 4 SFP Switch
IGS-803SM-E, Managed Industrial Gigabit Switch with 8 GE + 3 SFP Ports
IFS-803GSM, Managed Industrial Switch with 8 FE + 3 SFP Ports
IGS-402F-SC001, Non-managed 4-Port Gigabit Switch
IGS-402S, Non-managed Switch with 4 Gigabit + 2 SFP Ports
IFS-800, Non-managed 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch
IGS-501S-E, Non-Managed 5-Port Gigabit Industrial Fiber Switch
IFS-802GS, Non-Managed 8-Port Industrial Fiber Switch
IGS-404SM-E, Industrial Managed Gigabit Switch
IGS-800-E, Unmanaged 8 Port Gigabit Industrial Switch
IGS-1604SM-E, Managed 16-Port Gigabit Switch + 4 SFP Slots
IGS-S2804TM, Industrial Switch with 28 Gigabit SFP Ports + 4 Combo Ports
Industrial Ethernet Converter
IMC-1000MS-E, Managed Industrial Grade Gigabit Ethernet Converter
IMC-100-E-SC002, Industrial Fast Ethernet Converter, MM, SC, 2Km
IMC-1000S-E, Unmanaged Gigabit Industrial Converter with SFP Slot
IMC-1000CS-E, Small Size Gigabit Industrial Converter
IMC-1000-SFP, Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter
Fiber to Serial Converter
IFC-Serial-SC002, Industrial Converter for fiber to Async RS232/485/422
IFC-FDC-SC002, RS232/422/485 Industrial Grade Converter
IFC-Serial-E-SC002, Industrial Grade Serial to Fiber Converter
EN50155 Industrial PoE+ Managed Switch
ITP-G802SM-8PHE24, Managed 8 PoE Gigabit Port + 2 SFP Fiber Switch
ITP-802GTM-8PHE24, Managed PoE 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
ITP-800-8PHE24, Unmanaged 8-Port Fast Ethernet PoE Switch
ITP-500-E, Unmanaged 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
ITP-800A-E, Unmanaged IP40 Ethernet Switch
ITP-800-E, Unmanaged 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
CAB-M12DM4-RJ45, M12 D-code Male (4-Pin) to RJ-45 Cable 2M for FE UTP
CAB-M12AM8-RJ45, M12 A-code Male (8-Pin) to RJ-45 Cable 2M for FE UTP
CAB-M12AF5-OPEN, M12 A-code Female (5-Pin) to Open Wire Cable for Alarm
M23F5-OPEN-2M, M23 Female (5-Pin) to open wire cable, 2M, for power
CAB-M12XM8-RJ45, M12 X-code Male (8-Pin) to RJ-45, 2M GbE Cable

Industrial Power Supply
MDR-60-24, Input 85-264VAC, Output 24VDC, 2.5Amps, 60W
INJ-IG60-E24, Industrial Gigabit Ethernet PoE Injector
DRP-240-48, Input 85-264VAC,Output 48VDC, 5Amps, 240W

Fiber Multiplexer and SDH
FRM220-FOM04-SR, Fiber to 4 T1/E1 RJ45 + 100M Ethernet Modem Card
FMUX1001, Managed Gigabit Fiber Multiplexer
FOM10-MUX-ETR-AD-SNMP, 16 T1/E1 RJ45 + 4 Gigabit Ethernet fiber multiplexer

Transponder & Converter for 1.25G, 10G, 16G, 40G and 100G
FRM220-40G-1Q4S, 40G QSFP⁺ to 4 x 10G SFP⁺ Transponder
FRM220-10GC-TS, 10Gbps RJ45 to SFP+ Media Converter
FRM220-16G-3R, Dual Channel 16G 3R Multi-Rate Transponder
FRM220-10G-3R, Dual Channel 10G 3R Multi-Rate Transponder
FRM220-10G-SXX, 10G 3R Repeater and Transponder
FRM220-4G-3R, Dual Chanel 4G 3R Multi-Rate Transponder
FRM220-4G-3S, 4G Regeneration Device and Repeater
FRM220-1000DS-CH01, 1G 2R Multi-Rate Tansponder
FRM220-4G-2S, 4G 2R Transponder

Low Cost Media Converter & Switch
MC-Mini-AD, 12-Slot Rack Mount Ethernet Concentrator
MC-10/100-SC20, Fast Ethernet Converter for 20Km
MC-1000-SC20, Mini-size Gigabit Ethernet Converter for 20Km
MC-2GT-SFP, Fiber to 2 Gigabit Ethernet Port Converter
MC-1GT-SFP, Gigabit Ethernet Converter
SW-2GT-2SFP, Gigabit Fiber Switch with 2 SFP and 2 Ethernet Ports
MC-10/100-SC40A, Mini Fast Ethernet Converter for 40Km
MC-1000-SFP, Mini Gigabit Converter with SFP Slot

FMC Series Media Converters
FMC-1800, 1U Managed GbE Media Converter Rack 18x100/1000Base-T to 18x100/1000Base-X SFP
FMC-2000MS, Web Smart OAM Managed 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X SFP GbE Switch
FMC-10/100-SC002, Non-managed Media Converter for multi-mode fibers and 2Km
FMC-10/100i-SC20A, Media Converter, WDM and 20Km
FMC-CH17-AD, Non-Managed 17-Slot Chassis with AC and DC Powers
FMC-1001S-AC, Gigabit Ethernet Converter with built-in AC Power

SFP Transceiver Module
Industrial Rugged SFP Module
ISFP-155M-MM, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for155M MM 850nm and 500M
ISFP-155M-LC20, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 155M SM 1310nm and 20Km
ISFP-155M-LC40, Rugged SFP Moduel for 155M SM 1310nm and 40Km
ISFP-155M-LC20WA, Rugged SFP Module for 155M WDM T1310/R1550 and 20Km
ISFP-155M-LC20WB, Rugged SFP Module for 155M WDM T1550/R1310 and 20Km
ISFP-SX-MM, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G MM 850nm and 550M
ISFP-MM-LC02, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 1.25Gbps, MM 1310nm and 2Km
ISFP-LX-LC20, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G SM 1310nm and 20Km
ISFP-LH-LC40, Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G SM 1310nm and 40Km
ISFP-BX-LC20WA, Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G WDM T1310/R1550 and 20Km
ISFP-BX-LC20WB, Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G WDM T1550/R1310 and 20Km
ISFP-BX-LC40WA, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G WDM SM fiber, T1310nm/R1550nm, power budge 25 - 28dB and 40Km, Cisco Compatible
ISFP-BX-LC40WB, Industrial Rugged SFP Module for 1.25G WDM SM fiber, T1550nm/R1310nm, power budge 25 - 28dB and 40Km, Cisco Compatible
ISFP+10G-SR-LC300M, Industrial SFP+ Module for 10G, MM 850nm power budge 11 - 5.5dB and 300M
ISFP+10G-LX-LC20, Industrial SFP+ Module for 10Gbps, SM 1310nm, 20Km and Cisco Compatible
SFP 155M Transceiver Module
SFP-155M-MM, 155M, MM 850nm, LC, 550M
SFP-155M-LC02, SFP 115Mbps Module for MM, 1310nm and 2Km
SFP-155M-LC20, 155M, SM, LC, up to 20Km
SFP-155M-LC40, SM, 155M, LC, 40Km
SFP-155M-LC20WA, one SM fiber, WDM, Tx1310/Rx1550, LC, 20Km
SFP-155M-LC20WB, one SM fiber, WDM, Tx1550/Rx1310, LC, 20Km
SFP-155M-LC40WA, one SM fiber, WDM, Tx1310/Rx1550, LC, 40Km
SFP-155M-LC40WB, one SM fiber, WDM, Tx1550/Rx1310, LC, 40Km
SFP 1.25G Transceiver Module
SFP-SX-MM, SFP 1.25G Module
SFP-MM-LC02, MM, LC, Up to 2Km
SFP-LX-LC20, 1.25G, SM, LC, 20Km
SFP-LH-LC40, 1.25G, SM, LC, 40Km
SFP-ZX-LC80, 1.25G, SM, LC, 80Km
SFP-EX-LC120, 1.25G, SM, LC, 120Km
SFP-BX-LC10WA, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 10Km
SFP-BX-LC10WB, 1.25G, SM, LC, WDM, 10Km
SFP-BX-LC20WA, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 20Km
SFP-BX-LC20WB, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 20Km
SFP-BX-LC40WA, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 40Km
SFP-BX-LC40WB, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 40Km
SFP-BX-LC60WA, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 60Km
SFP-BX-LC60WB, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 60Km
SFP-BX-LC80A, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 80Km
SFP-BX-LC80B, 1.25G, SM, WDM, LC, 80Km
SFP-RJ45, 10/100/1000Base-T Copper Module
10G Transceiver Module
SFP+10G-SR-LC300M, SFP+ 10G, MM 850nm, 300M
SFP+10G-LX-LC20, SFP+, 10G, SM 1310nm, 20Km
SFP+10G-ER-LC40, SFP+ SM 1310nm 40Km
SFP+10G-LX-LC20A, SFP+, 10G, WDM SM 1270/1330nm, 20Km, Cisco Compatible
SFP+10G-LX-LC20B, SFP+, 10G, WDM SM 1330/1270nm, Power Budge 13.5 - 16dB, 20Km, Cisco Compatible
CWDM-SFP+10G-xxxx-LC10, SFP+ 10G, SM CWDM 1270nm-1330nm, 10Km
CWDM-SFP+10G-xxxx-LC40, CWDM, SFP+ 10G, SM 1470nm-1610nm, 40Km

T1 / E1 Testers
HCT-BERT/C, E1/Datacom BERT Tester
HCT-7000, Dual Port E1/Datacom Protocol Analyzer and BERT
LCT-300 LAN Cable Tester

G.703 E1 Converter
G703-64A-RS232, 64K Bi-directional Converter
ETU01A-V35-AC, G703 E1 DSU/CSU Converter
G703FE1-A, Fractional E1 Converter

SHDTU03-V35/2T-AC, 2-wire TDM V.35 NTU Modem

Interface Converter
IC485-3, RS232 to RS485 Interface Converter
UTS-422TB, USB to RS422 Converter

Fiber Patch Cord
Fiber Patch Cords, SM or MM, Duplex and 3M long

Surge Protector
GPOE-SP-24, 24-Port Gigabit POE Surge Protector
SP-POE-01, POE Surge Protector
TRSS-RJ11, Telephone Surge Protector

Baluns-B2/S, RJ45 to 2 BNC Female Balun