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STE100A-Serial, RS232/485/422 Over IP Device Server

STE100A-Serial, RS232/485/422 Over IP Device Server

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The IP Device Server provides the serial device server for hosts to control RS-232, 2 or 4 wire asynchronous RS-422/485 serial devices located virtually anywhere through a TCP/IP or UDP/IP connection. The Device Server has the DB9 port connection on one side, and a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection on the other side. It connects serial devices such as PLC, alarm sensors and PTZ camera control to IP networks. Applications include industrial/factory automation, public safety and surveillance systems. The IP Device Server Windows driver is designed to control the IP Serial Server devices. The driver installs a virtual COM on Windows which maps the virtual COM port to the IP address of the IP Serial Server device across the network, enabling the Windows applications to access remote serial devices over Ethernet. IP Device Server can function as a UDP or a server or client for TCP connection. The application scenarios are direct IP mode, virtual COM mode, and paired mode.

STE100A-Serial-WT, Female DB9 Wiring Terminal, $10 each
STE100A-DRK01, Serial DIN-Rail Mounting Kit, $10 each kit

• Supports Web Management
• Supports IETF RFC4553 Structure-Agnostic TDM over Packet (SAToP), Metro Ethernet Forum MEF8
• 8 /16 x E1 NRZ Serial Interface with LOS/AIS detection
• Use Raw Encapsulation method for PDH payload over IP packet
• Supports Circuit Emulation Service over IPE
• Comply with IETF draft standard for CESoPSN and SAToP; Metro Ethernet Forum MEF8 IA
• Supports both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint operation
• Configurable IEEE 802.3 DA/SA assignment
• Supports 8/16 independent Adaptive Clock recovery block for Ingress PDH (PSN->TDM) clock generation. Recovered clock jitter is compliant with ITU-T G.823 (E1 Jitter Control)
• Independent configurable jitter buffer depth to compensate up to 250ms of Packet Delay Variation
• Lost packets processing / compensation via PW (Pseudo Wire) control field Sequence Number
• PDH LOS detection triggered PW L field or payload AIS generation at Egress direction (TDM->PSN)
• LED alarm display for E1 Power failure status

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