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SHDTU03-V35/2T-AC, 2-wire TDM V.35 NTU Modem with DB25M to MB34F Cable (0.2M)

SHDTU03-V35/2T-AC, 2-wire TDM V.35 NTU Modem

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SHDTU03 family of G.SHDSL TDM based modems is a telecom product for carriers or SME users. The SHDTU03-V35 offers a V.35 DTE interface which works over an SHDSL line. The V.35 interface provides high-speed TDM services by way of a DB25 I/F and adapter cable. The factory selected RS-530 interface will electrically support RS-530, X.21and RS-449 with appropriate adapter cable. The data rate of DB25 I/F may be up to 2.304Mbps with one pair copper wires. The SHDTU03-V35 can be configured and managed via LCD, or menu-driven VT100 compatible Async. terminal Interface, either locally or remotely.

Please read this Data Sheet for detils.

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