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FRM220-1000DS-CH01, 1G 2R Multi-Rate Tansponder and Converter

FRM220-1000DS-CH01, 1G 2R Multi-Rate Tansponder

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FRM220-1000DS is a fiber to fiber optical media converter and repeater that allows data rates up to 1Gbps. FRM220-1000DS supports 2R regeneration, which consists of re-amplification and reshaping. This converter is compatible with fiber interfaces such as 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, STM-1, Fiber Channel 1 and OC3, The FRM220-1000DS works as an FRM220 slide-in card, while the FRM220-1000DS plus FRM220-CH01 work as a stand-alone fiber converter. When the FRM220- 1000DS card is placed in the FRM220- CH20 rack with SNMP management, the management can view the converter card's status, type, fiber link status and SFP DOM.

Transparent FE or GbE fiber media converter / repeater
Data rate up to 1G
Device management via terminal or SNMP in FRM220 chassis
Extend transmission from 2km to 120km over fiber
Perform optical repeater function (Re-amplification & Reshaping)
Digital diagnostic monitoring of SFP modules
Supports Link Fault Pass-Through LFTP function
Supports Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) function

FRM220-1000DS-CH01, 1G 2R Multi-Rate Tansponder
FRM220-1000DS-CH01, 1G 2R Multi-Rate Tansponder

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