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IFC-Serial-SC002, Industrial Converter for fiber to Async RS232/485/422 Applications

IFC-Serial-SC002, Industrial Converter for fiber to Async RS232/485/422

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IFC-Serial converters are industrial grade fiber media converters that provide a fiber connection to extend asynchronous RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 serial transmissions over a distance of up to 2km using multimode fiber or up to 60km using single mode fiber. The duplex fiber provides point-topoint connections. Single fiber simplex connections allow connecting multiple devices in a cascaded or "daisy chain" fashion with a single fiber ring architecture. However, no redundancy is provided and any break can disable the entire ring. The converter is capable of selecting interface modes for connection to RS-232 (3 wire), RS-485 (2 wire, half duplex) or RS-422/485 (4 wire, full duplex). IFC-Serial Series media converters feature an alarm relay contact and two redundant DC power inputs. The IFC-Serial Series reliable industrial design is perfect for keeping your industrial automation applications running smoothly and continuously. The IFC-Serial Series media converters are available in two operating temperature ranges, a standard -10 to 60°C commercial temperature range or an extended -40 to 75°C range.

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